X-japan: Rock monument from Japan

It can be considered that X Japan is a float that many bands later hold on. It can be considered that they are a monument, because they have left a lot of things worth learning, laying the foundations for a generation of Jrock later. Let’s take a quick look at X’s contributions: First – the […]

X-Japan – the creator of Visual Kei stylish

Influenced by the glam and glamorous wave of hair and colorful metal from the West, X Japan received the concept of “pastel skin” mixed with a little Japanese indigenous culture. X Japan is one of the pioneering bands that gave birth to the Visual Kei movement, meaning a visual uprising. Like Kiss, the members of […]

Buying a wrong disc of Rock and the road of success of X-Japan

In the 1980s, it was the time when rock music came to the throne and dominated the “kings of rock” in the rock village. The wave of Western culture smashing and rebelling spread throughout Asia. Japan is no exception, while trying to curb the gloomy, taciturn culture of the country. Trapped between two cultural streams: […]