The formula of X-Japan: Metal and symphonic

When X Japan plays music, I’ll feel my throat’s filled with a strong, fruity, sweet smell of lemon. So busy thinking how to drink this thing, how to get drunk, hold a glass, my mind is wobbly, nodding, nodding, kicking off my own headband, letting myself to a light music. The music of the Man […]

X-Japan – tremendous energy source for Japanese Rock

X was founded by two pillar members, Toshimitsu Dayama (vocal) and Yoshiki Hayashi (piano and drums) after the joining of two other members (unaware of the name). Then the launching of two singles released I’ll Kill You (1985) and Orgasm (1986) immediately burst the number of fans, in this 2 Sigle group attempted to send […]

X-japan: Rock monument from Japan

It can be considered that X Japan is a float that many bands later hold on. It can be considered that they are a monument, because they have left a lot of things worth learning, laying the foundations for a generation of Jrock later. Let’s take a quick look at X’s contributions: First – the […]

X-Japan and my magical journey (part 1)

In 2007, after hearing that Yoshiki and Toshi decided to reunite after 10 years of disbandment, even after losing Hide, I felt hopeful – once again I had the opportunity to enjoy the music of them, and The Last Live will no longer be the last, but a milestone for a step backward. But for […]

Yoshiki Hayashi – Career wings from unhappy childhood

As I began to write these lines, my heart was filled with unknown emotions. I have written many comments, many girlish songs about my favorite Jrock bands like D, the GazettE, Versailles … but I have never dared to write a serious article about X – Japan. , my favorite band. I am afraid that […]

Hide – a pink spider flew to heaven (part 2)

 X Japan is called “Yoshiki and friends” music group with an irony meaning by many of us because the role and influence of Yoshiki’s too large for the members and the group’s music. Themselves members of X Japan External linkages music collectively, each person has its own life separate from each other. However, if the call […]