HIGHLY RECOMMEND for 2020: Cosmic World Mother by ….And Oceans

It was formed in the late of 90s year, “…. and Oceans” is a band of the second wave generation of Black Metal. Starting out as a traditional black symphonic band, along with the years they went on experiments with industrial music and electronic a bit ahead of their time. Perhaps that is why …. […]

Album For SUMMER 2020 – “TImaeus” (2020) by Khora

When you see a cover of a disc like this, it’s hard not to listen. It depicts the Sea Monster Cthulu, a Pharaoh in the form of aliens and a creature that looks like a character from a fantasy movie. At the bottom is a portal through the worlds. Timaeus promises to be a fascinating […]

How to buy a cheap Rock CD in Japan in 2020

All the things I experienced, both happy and sad when I groped myself to get the idol’s goods to my hands. For those who are not Japanese, do not live in Japan, are not good enough in Japanese to understand the local websites, auction sites, sink exchange trading groups, … Where to buy? Before that, […]