Japanese rock and mainstream fashion was formed from it

Harajuku fashion trend has had in Japan since the 1970s, it was the heyday of the rock stage. At that time, in Japan Harajuku youths growing up, there is a tendency to dress weird. The clothes and the shoes as well as jewelry for the hair to be very fancy.

Especially above all to flashy, rainbow … This difference makes Harajuku became famous. Harajuku style takes its name from the Harajuku district of Tokyo’s most popular.

All these young people fascinated this style can go to the Harajuku district to immerse themselves in the clothing store, gathered at Yoyogi Park, cafes along Omotesando or on their way to the mausoleum Meiji to show the form this latest clothes with guests and their friends.
Harajuku became famous in the 80s of the last century thanks to the fashion show in the streets and the young people dressed in stylish monstrous gathered here on days Sunday when Omotesando becomes overload and frequent congestion.
Omotesando Street is a popular street in Tokyo with many cafes, fashion shops popular with locals and tourists. It is a great destination for meetings, musical performances and fashion shows.
Besides, we can say in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century, a favorite of travelers to Tokyo as the stage performance of the band at Yoyogi Park streets. This is the paradise of the amateur band when they demonstrated their tracks before the crowd on Sunday every week.
If London is the capital of the fashion show of the world, Tokyo is known as the “fashion capital of the road where there are nowhere fast shooting of the models are amateur young Japanese Favorite fashion on the street, costumes and accessories such as handbags, shoes, hats, bracelets, earrings they are diverse in style and substance.
Japanese teen very decent but the street-style freedom and dynamism. With a healthy body, you put on the costume body tight, elastic material mainly monochrome, short sleeve or long sleeve, comes with khaki jacket or pants waistband breaking high.
Teen Japan very popular accessory, almost as he always equip themselves handbags, bracelets, sunglasses, wristbands, hats and even a scarf …

But the girls land of cherry blossoms are always personal expression is very strong and although sometimes the expression up to the climax turns out to be strange or and disgusting, but you will enjoy the dresses colorful flowers with nice patterns, the hair 2 color dye opposition.

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