The formula of X-Japan: Metal and symphonic

When X Japan plays music, I’ll feel my throat’s filled with a strong, fruity, sweet smell of lemon. So busy thinking how to drink this thing, how to get drunk, hold a glass, my mind is wobbly, nodding, nodding, kicking off my own headband, letting myself to a light music. The music of the Man […]

Japanese rock and mainstream fashion was formed from it

Harajuku fashion trend has had in Japan since the 1970s, it was the heyday of the rock stage. At that time, in Japan Harajuku youths growing up, there is a tendency to dress weird. The clothes and the shoes as well as jewelry for the hair to be very fancy. Especially above all to flashy, […]

Biography of “Raphael”

I don’t know how to start it, but I can say that Raphael is an admirable major band, but forgotten. When referring to bands formed at this ancient stage, most fans mentioned Malice Mizer, L’arc En Ciel, … but forgot about Raphael. Raphael really deserves to be remembered, please review the band’s biography, as well […]