Yoshiki Hayashi – Career wings from unhappy childhood

As I began to write these lines, my heart was filled with unknown emotions. I have written many comments, many girlish songs about my favorite Jrock bands like D, the GazettE, Versailles … but I have never dared to write a serious article about X – Japan. , my favorite band. I am afraid that […]

“Endless Rain” – An immortal love song of X-Japan

The days of the rain were silent, silent and inconsiderate of sadness, endless, wet skies will be cold from the winds of his heart that have not been vomiting. And there was a dream like that in the Endless Rain of X-Japan. Start the holy light piano-pounding every note sung, bass very light behind. An […]

Hide – a pink spider flew to heaven (part 2)

 X Japan is called “Yoshiki and friends” music group with an irony meaning by many of us because the role and influence of Yoshiki’s too large for the members and the group’s music. Themselves members of X Japan External linkages music collectively, each person has its own life separate from each other. However, if the call […]

Hide – a pink spider flew to heaven (part 1)

On a winter evening 15 years ago at the Tokyo Dome Stadium seats 55,000 fans packed. Five years, the rock group X Japan held on the occasion of New Year show at Japan’s biggest stage this. On the background of the instrumental music Amethyst, each member of the group emerged from the different angle on […]