X-Japan and my magical journey (ending)

I did not remember I had cried many times the day anymore, and until now every time imagine the atmosphere that, I did not repress popular (as it is now right here), but I still remember some “sight” of X Japan touched the audience:

– Yoshiki and Toshi talking about touring Japan for the first time after 20 years, the audience responded with “Okaeri – welcome was home.” Hard to describe his feeling well at the time, like the feeling of mother choked go pick them up on this battlefield (rancidity babble too).

– Many of “Arigatou – Thank You” rang out relentlessly. It is a feeling of gratitude we want to send to the band.

– Yoshiki are talking halfway choked not speak again, the audience called and encouraged him. Until recently, basically I do not like Yoshiki much, or rather a little afraid of this man. Now I understand that fear is the fear that someday he will be shattered. But make no where were we, at least, was still there but Toshi.

– Hide always being introduced, and always appear during the concert. The audience did not forget his name.

– Heath through his back to the audience touched him while playing

The show ended and I arrived home at 1:30 am, but although tired and can not sleep. I was watching some videos, including a video of the fans at X Japan tour in London (apparently so), their feelings is “the best day of my life,” and “Their music helps People to go on “… Yes, one of the reasons to take them to this country, and their power to reach them today. That gig was a milestone can not forget in my life. I thought that “this is the first, and probably the last time”, but who knows, the future may be brighter I think. =))

Tonight they will perform in Yokohama, marking the final day here. 4 consecutive days that was horrible. @ _ @ And from tomorrow they will go along Japan to fulfill the wishes of the other fan. 15/12, final performances in Nagoya will be broadcasted live in cinemas across the country, plus Hong Kong and Taipei. A second chance can not be missed! Again her back was overdue for members, but still have a chance !!! Once more, this year, let alone meet them!

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