X-Japan and my magical journey (part 2)

Standing in the huge ballroom, surrounded by thousands, thousands of sparkling light sources. The light source from the glow sticks they used to form the X, the light source from the eyes reflecting the limelight, the light source from the body that is shaking up waiting for a major event. I don’t see the light of myself, but I know, I am very strong.

And then Yoshiki appeared, quietly, on the side of his drum. If not thanks to the spot light scene then nobody knows he is there. He kept standing like that, silent waiting, as if to enjoy the first moment of a new start, as long as possible. And then the audience realized that he was starting to call his name. At the time the screen remained black, not projecting images at all, the entire eye was poured into the tiny light block on that stage. And that’s the moment you acknowledge that “this is true”.

One step out of the stage, including Sugizo – who he has not “met” ever, is not even very confident that he was a member of X Japan (who was sick of that nostalgic fan), and Hide – who was never absent in the squad of the X Japan. Yes, Hide still there, his voice still resonates on stage, his flock is still with the band, he is there, still crying still smiles 18 years ago. Through the touring year, and most of the performances that day, I felt Yoshiki’s extraordinary effort, as well as that of X Japan in maintaining the image of Hide. When I just look at Yoshiki, I think I don’t understand what you have to overcome, endure what to achieve. There’s something he doesn’t have to do it alone. That’s the most important thing.

If Guns N ‘ Rose that I love had changed to not recognize, then X Japan still gave me the feeling from the first time to touch their music. Pata is going a little old, but the hairstyle is still. Heath has a few more wrinkles, but still doesn’t spell it out. Yoshiki still has brown hair and wears a fixed nected brace. It still seems like the sunglasses are still wearing a face. Hide does not change, it is still so naughty. But it’s not what I want to say. I mean what I would expect from a “concert of X Japan” was satisfied. The way the members are tied together, the way Toshi stir the air, the way Yoshiki tries to talk to the audience and then ends up trying to rescue the people of Toshi, the way Pata quietly play the herd at a stage corner , the way Heath has just played the back to the nearby audience can touch him without affecting the concert; Or the vocals remained high and the power of Toshi, the way Yoshiki played with all his incompetence despite the sore neck, their musical qualities and the splendor of the stage effects, everything retains the focus of X Japan. Yoshiki transforms his music, mixing with modern melodies, the new songs are also mainly written entirely in English (and Toshi singing English has been much better than anciently), with articles composed by Sugizo anymore , it should be said that their music has changed, but the original is still there. Feel from music to style dress, makeup… Probably the way to recognize the Japanese personality in Yoshiki – traditional transformation. If I’m not in the concert that day, and somebody let me watch the video and say this was a show 20 years ago, in addition to the stage effect, I would have believed to always be lost. Three hours of continuous almost no stay, but until the last minute, Toshi’s voice still shines in the ballroom. Who believes that the whole middle-aged old man can hold the same style.

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